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Plaza Santa Cruz, Manila

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Plaza Santa Cruz, Manila (1974)

Source:Ako C Kim
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  1. The Manila Transit Corporation was created in 1974.
    Could we maybe change the date in the caption of the photo?

    The view is from Plaza Sta.Cruz, but is not Plaza Sta.Cruz, looking towards Escolta and is actually centered at Escolta Bridge

    If only the photographer, who seem to be in the middle of the street, took a step back and a little to the left, he could’ve captured a splendid and glorious shot of Regina Building.

    Had he taken the shot from the other side, like, maybe that corner of Don Roman Bldg with Empire Insurance signage, then he would’ve gotten a pretty nice close up shot of, aaaahhh . . . the Love Bus!
    Sorry. Joking aside . . . from the side of Don Roman Santos building could have shown us a good view of Plaza Sta.Cruz.