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Jones Bridge

The William A. Jones Memorial Bridge runs through the Pasig River, connecting the Manila area of Binondo on Quintin Paredes Street. The previous bridge that connected the two areas was the Puente Grande or the Great Bridge which was later called the Puente de España (Bridge of Spain)…

EDSA Through the Years

Throughout the years, Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) has gone through major changes in response to car volume and population growth. Once with grassy, open fields, to the condensed, busy thoroughfare of today. Let’s take a look at what…

The Kalesa

A kalesa is a horse drawn carriage, and according to historical accounts, it was first introduced in the Philippines during the 18th Century by the Spanish. During the said era, the kalesa served as a luxurious mode of transportation that…

Calle de la Escolta

A former quartermaster of the Spanish army named Jose Damaso Gorricho, married Ciriaca Santos. Ciriaca’s fortunate marriage paved the way for her to start a business by supplying “zacate” hay for the many horses of the Spanish cavalry in Intramuros….