Frequently Asked Questions


What is Retroscope?

Retroscope is a digital archiving system tailored for Philippine historical images and its related information.

What can I do in Retroscope?

Users may view stories, images and its information such as insights, places and dates tagged. User may also contribute information and images (Registration Required).

How can I upload an Image

Users may upload images by registering and logging in then clicking the share button found in any page. After uploading, the moderators and admins must verify the image before it can be viewed publicly to avoid explicit and unrelated images.

What is an insight?

An insight are the opinions, experiences and knowledge of people towards on an image fund in the gallery.

How do I share an insight?

Users can share an insight by going to the gallery, viewing the specific image then clicking on the insight tab. (Registration Required).

How do I tag a place to an image?

Users can tag a location to an image by going to the gallery, viewing the specific image, clicking on the places tab then entering the location.